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Class WholeDatasetInputFn

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/timeseries/python/timeseries/

Supports passing a full time series to a model for evaluation/inference.

Note that this TimeSeriesInputFn is not designed for high throughput, and should not be used for training. It allows for sequential evaluation on a full dataset (with sequential in-sample predictions), which then feeds naturally into predict_continuation_input_fn for making out-of-sample predictions. While this is useful for plotting and interactive use, RandomWindowInputFn is better suited to training and quantitative evaluation.



Initialize the TimeSeriesInputFn.


  • time_series_reader: A TimeSeriesReader object.




Call self as a function.



A suitable input_fn for an Estimator's evaluate().


A dictionary mapping feature names to Tensors, each shape prefixed by 1, data set size.