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Representation of HDF5 dataset to be used instead of a Numpy array.

    datapath, dataset, start=0, end=None, normalizer=None

THIS CLASS IS DEPRECATED. Training with HDF5Matrix may not be optimized for performance, and might not work with every distribution strategy.

We recommend using https://github.com/tensorflow/io to load your HDF5 data into a tf.data Dataset and passing that dataset to Keras.


  • datapath: string, path to a HDF5 file
  • dataset: string, name of the HDF5 dataset in the file specified in datapath
  • start: int, start of desired slice of the specified dataset
  • end: int, end of desired slice of the specified dataset
  • normalizer: function to be called on data when retrieved


  • dtype: Gets the datatype of the dataset.

  • ndim: Gets the number of dimensions (rank) of the dataset.

  • shape: Gets a numpy-style shape tuple giving the dataset dimensions.

  • size: Gets the total dataset size (number of elements).


ImportError if HDF5 & h5py are not installed



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