Constructs tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm given iterative process.

ip An instance of tff.templates.IterativeProcess that is compatible with MapReduce form. Iterative processes are only compatible if initialize_fn returns a single federated value placed at SERVER and next takes exactly two arguments. The first must be the state value placed at SERVER. - next returns exactly two values.
grappler_config An optional instance of tf.compat.v1.ConfigProto to configure Grappler graph optimization of the TensorFlow graphs backing the resulting tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm. These options are combined with a set of defaults that aggressively configure Grappler. If the input grappler_config has graph_options.rewrite_options.disable_meta_optimizer=True, Grappler is bypassed.

An instance of tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm equivalent to the provided tff.templates.IterativeProcess.

TypeError If the arguments are of the wrong types.
transformations.MapReduceFormCompilationError If the compilation process fails.