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Machine Learning Resources

Doing machine learning with TensorFlow.js requires knowledge of a number of different domains, in particular: machine learning and neural networks, JavaScript, and either Node.JS or browser-based development. Depending on your background you may not be familiar with one or more of these areas. There are lots of great learning resources available on the web, this page will focus on a few resources to help bootstrap your knowledge of machine learning with neural networks.

High Level Introduction

We recommend the following videos to get a high level introduction to deep learning and TensorFlow.js:

TensorFlow.js focused

These video resources focus on TensorFlow.js and are also focused on beginners to machine learning.

Comprehensive Courses

These are comprehensive online courses that cover deep learning. Most courses use Python as the primary language of instruction. However the concepts do translate to using TensorFlow.js even if the syntax doesn’t.

Comprehensive Books

Math Concepts

Machine Learning is a math heavy discipline, and while it is not necessary to understand the math if you are just using machine learning models, if you plan to modify machine learning models or build new ones from scratch, familiarity with the underlying math concepts can be helpful. You don't have to learn all the math upfront, but rather can look up concepts you are unfamiliar with as you come across them.