Module: tfl.estimators

TF Lattice canned estimators implement typical monotonic model architectures.

You can use TFL canned estimators to easily construct commonly used monotonic model architectures. To construct a TFL canned estimator, construct a model configuration from tfl.configs and pass it to the canned estimator constructor. To use automated quantile calculation, canned estimators also require passing a feature_analysis_input_fn which is similar to the one used for training, but with a single epoch or a subset of the data. To create a Crystals ensemble model using tfl.configs.CalibratedLatticeEnsembleConfig, you will also need to provide a prefitting_input_fn to the estimator constructor.

feature_columns = ...
model_config = tfl.configs.CalibratedLatticeConfig(...)
feature_analysis_input_fn = create_input_fn(num_epochs=1, ...)
train_input_fn = create_input_fn(num_epochs=100, ...)
estimator = tfl.estimators.CannedClassifier(

Supported models are defined in tfl.configs. Each model architecture can be used for:

This module also provides tfl.estimators.get_model_graph as a mechanism to extract abstract model graphs and layer parameters from saved models. The resulting graph (not a TF graph) can be used by the tfl.visualization module for plotting and other visualization and analysis.

model_graph = estimators.get_model_graph(saved_model_path)
visualization.plot_feature_calibrator(model_graph, "feature_name")


class CannedClassifier: Canned classifier for TensorFlow lattice models.

class CannedEstimator: An estimator for TensorFlow lattice models.

class CannedRegressor: A regressor for TensorFlow lattice models.

class WaitTimeOutError: Timeout error when waiting for a file.


get_model_graph(...): Returns all layers and parameters used in a saved model as a graph.

transform_features(...): Parses the input features using the given feature columns.

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