Base class for Bayesian models in the Inference Gym.

Inherits From: Model

Given a Bayesian model described by a prior P(x) which we can sample from, and a likelihood P(x | y) with evidence y we construct the posterior by multiplying the two terms. The posterior distribution P(x | y) is represented as a product of the inverse normalization constant and the un-normalized density: 1/Z tilde{P}(x | y).


A simple 2-variable Bayesian model:

class SimpleModel(gym.targets.BayesianModel):

  def __init__(self):
    self._prior_val = tfd.Exponential(0.)
    self._evidence = 1.

    def log_likelihood_fn(x):
      return tfd.Normal(x, 1.).log_prob(self._evidence)

    self._log_likelihood_fn = log_likelihood_fn

    super(SimpleModel, self).__init__(
                fn=lambda x: x,

  def _prior_distribution(self):
    return self._prior_val

  def _log_likelihood(self, value):
    return self._log_likelihood_fn(value)

Note how we first constructed a prior distribution, and then used its properties to specify the Bayesian model. Note that we don't need to define an explicit _unnormalized_log_prob, as that's automatically constructed from the defined _prior_distribution and _log_likelihood methods.

We don't specify the ground truth values for the identity sample transformation as they're not known analytically. See GermanCreditNumericLogisticRegression Bayesian model for an example of how to incorporate Monte-Carlo derived values for ground truth into a sample transformation.

default_event_space_bijector A (nest of) bijectors that take unconstrained R**n tensors to the event space of the posterior.
event_shape A (nest of) shapes describing the samples from the posterior.
dtype A (nest of) dtypes describing the dtype of the posterior.
name Python str name prefixed to Ops created by this class.
pretty_name A Python str. The pretty name of this model.
sample_transformations A dictionary of Python strings to SampleTransformations.

default_event_space_bijector Bijector mapping the reals (R**n) to the event space of this model.
dtype The DType of Tensors handled by this model.
event_shape Shape of a single sample from as a TensorShape.

May be partially defined or unknown.

name Python str name prefixed to Ops created by this class.
sample_transformations A dictionary of names to SampleTransformations.

Child Classes

class SampleTransformation



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Evaluates the log_likelihood at value.


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The prior distribution over the model parameters.


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The un-normalized log density of evaluated at a point.

This corresponds to the target distribution associated with the model, often its posterior.

value A (nest of) Tensor to evaluate the log density at.
name Python str name prefixed to Ops created by this method.

unnormalized_log_prob A floating point Tensor.