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Executor for Evaluator.

Inherits From: BaseExecutor

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class Context



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Runs a batch job to evaluate the eval_model against the given input.

input_dict Input dict from input key to a list of Artifacts.

  • model: exported model.
  • examples: examples for eval the model.
output_dict Output dict from output key to a list of Artifacts.
  • evaluation: model evaluation results.
  • exec_properties A dict of execution properties.
  • eval_config: JSON string of tfma.EvalConfig.
  • feature_slicing_spec: JSON string of evaluator_pb2.FeatureSlicingSpec instance, providing the way to slice the data. Deprecated, use eval_config.slicing_specs instead.
  • example_splits: JSON-serialized list of names of splits on which the metrics are computed. Default behavior (when example_splits is set to None) is using the 'eval' split.
  • Returns