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Generic TFX schema_gen executor.

Inherits From: BaseExecutor

Child Classes

class Context



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TensorFlow SchemaGen executor entrypoint.

This infers the schema using tensorflow_data_validation on the precomputed stats of 'train' split.

input_dict Input dict from input key to a list of artifacts, including:

  • 'statistics': A list of 'ExampleStatistics' type which must contain split 'train'.
output_dict Output dict from key to a list of artifacts, including:
  • schema: A list of 'Schema' artifact of size one.
  • exec_properties A dict of execution properties, includes:
  • infer_feature_shape: Whether or not to infer the shape of the feature.
  • exclude_splits: Names of splits that will not be taken into consideration when auto-generating a schema.
  • Returns