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Creates a container-based component.

name The name of the component
image Container image name.
command Container entrypoint command-line. Not executed within a shell. The command-line can use placeholder objects that will be replaced at the compilation time. The placeholder objects can be imported from tfx.dsl.component.experimental.placeholders. Note that Jinja templates are not supported.
inputs The list of component inputs
outputs The list of component outputs
parameters The list of component parameters

Component that can be instantiated and user inside pipeline.


component = create_container_component( name='TrainModel', inputs={ 'training_data': Dataset, }, outputs={ 'model': Model, }, parameters={ 'num_training_steps': int, }, image='', command=[ 'python3', 'my_trainer', '--training_data_uri', InputUriPlaceholder('training_data'), '--model_uri', OutputUriPlaceholder('model'), '--num_training-steps', InputValuePlaceholder('num_training_steps'), ] )