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A specification of executor class.

Inherits From: ExecutorSpec

executor_class a subclass of base_executor.BaseExecutor used to execute this component (required).
extra_flags extra flags to be set in the Python base executor.
class_path Fully qualified class name for the executor class.




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Makes a copy of the ExecutorSpec.

An abstract method to implement to make a copy of the ExecutorSpec instance. Deepcopy is preferred in the implementation. But if for any reason a deepcopy is not able to be made because of some fields are not deepcopyable, it is OK to make a shallow copy as long as the subfield is consider globally immutable.

A copy of ExecutorSpec.


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Encodes ExecutorSpec into an IR proto for compiling.

This method will be used by DSL compiler to generate the corresponding IR.

component_spec Optional. The ComponentSpec to help with the encoding.

An executor spec proto.