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Tuner executor that launches parallel tuning flock on Cloud AI Platform.

Inherits From: BaseExecutor

This executor starts a Cloud AI Platform (CAIP) Training job with a flock of workers, where each worker independently executes Tuner's search loop on the single machine.

Per KerasTuner's design, distributed Tuner's identity is controlled by the environment variable (KERASTUNER_TUNER_ID) to each workers in the CAIP training job. Those environment variables are configured in each worker of CAIP training job's worker flock.

In addition, some implementation of KerasTuner requires a separate process to centrally manage the state of tuning (called as 'chief oracle') which is consulted by all workers according as another set of environment variables (KERASTUNER_ORACLE_IP and KERASTUNER_ORACLE_PORT).

In summary, distributed tuning flock by Cloud AI Platform Job is structured as follows.

Executor.Do() -> launch _Executor.Do() on a possibly multi-worker CAIP job ->

-+> master -> _search() (-> create a subprocess -> run the chief oracle.) | +> trigger a single +> worker -> _search() -> trigger a single +> worker -> _search() -> trigger a single

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Starts a Tuner component as a job on Google Cloud AI Platform.