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Component config which holds docker run args.

Inherits From: BaseComponentConfig

docker_server_url URL to the Docker server. For example, unix:///var/run/docker.sock or tcp:// Uses environment viarable to initialize the docker client if this parameter is not set. Default: None.
environment Environment variables to set inside the container, as a dictionary or a list of strings in the format ["SOMEVARIABLE=xxx"].
name The name for this container.
privileged Give extended privileges to this container. Default: False.
remove Remove the container when it has finished running. Default: False.
user Username or UID to run commands as inside the container.
volumes A dictionary to configure volumes mounted inside the container. The key is either the host path or a volume name, and the value is a dictionary with the keys: {bind: mode}. For example: {'/home/user1': {'bind': '/mnt/vol2', 'mode': 'rw'}, '/var/www': {'bind': '/mnt/vol1', 'mode': 'ro'} }
additional_run_args Additional run args to pass to See



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