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Formats a TFX component in the context of an interactive notebook.

cls The TFX class to be formated by this NotebookFormatter instance.
attributes A list of string attributes that are to be displayed by this formatter. Can be a nested field specifier with nested attribute names separated by "." (e.g. to get obj.a.b, specify the attribute string "a.b").
title_format A 2-tuple consisting of (1) a format string and (2) a list of either string attribute names (possible of nested field specifiers as in "attributes" above) or callback callable objects taking as input the object to be formatted and returning the value for that position of the format string. If not specified, the default title format will be used.
_show_artifact_attributes For a formatter of an Artifact object, show the Artifact type-specific properties for each artifact.



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Render a given object as an HTML string.

obj The object to be rendered.
expanded Whether the object is to be expanded by default.
seen_elements Optionally, a set of seen elements to not re-render to prevent a rendering cycle.

Formatted HTML string representing the object, for notebook display.


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Render the attributes section of an object.


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Render a dictionary table.


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Render a list table.


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Render the title section of an object.


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Render the value section of an object.