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Definition for TFX Resolver.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

Resolver is a special TFX node which handles special artifact resolution logics that will be used as inputs for downstream nodes.

To use Resolver, pass the followings to the Resolver constructor:

  • Name of the Resolver instance
  • A subclass of ResolverStrategy
  • Configs that will be used to construct an instance of ResolverStrategy
  • Channels to resolve with their tag, in the form of kwargs

Here is an example:

example_gen = ImportExampleGen(...)
examples_resolver = Resolver(
      config={'range_config': range_config},
trainer = Trainer(

strategy_class a ResolverStrategy subclass which contains the artifact resolution logic.
config a dict of key to Jsonable type representing configuration that will be used to construct the resolver strategy.
**channels Input channels to the Resolver node as keyword arguments.

outputs Output Channel dict that contains resolved artifacts.