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Converts input which is a PathLike object to str type.

Converts from any python constant representation of a PathLike object to a string. If the input is not a PathLike object, simply returns the input.

path An object that can be converted to path representation.

A str object.


In case a simplified str version of the path is needed from an os.PathLike object


>>> tf.compat.path_to_str('C:\XYZ\tensorflow\./.././tensorflow')
'C:\XYZ\tensorflow\./.././tensorflow' # Windows OS
>>> tf.compat.path_to_str(Path('C:\XYZ\tensorflow\./.././tensorflow'))
'C:\XYZ\tensorflow\..\tensorflow' # Windows OS
>>> tf.compat.path_to_str(Path('./corpus'))
'corpus' # Linux OS
>>> tf.compat.path_to_str('./.././Corpus')
'./.././Corpus' # Linux OS
>>> tf.compat.path_to_str(Path('./.././Corpus'))
'../Corpus' # Linux OS
>>> tf.compat.path_to_str(Path('./..////../'))
'../..' # Linux OS