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Sorts a tensor.


import tensorflow as tf
a = [1, 10, 26.9, 2.8, 166.32, 62.3]
b = tf.sort(a,axis=-1,direction='ASCENDING',name=None)
c = tf.keras.backend.eval(b)
# Here, c = [  1.     2.8   10.    26.9   62.3  166.32]

values 1-D or higher numeric Tensor.
axis The axis along which to sort. The default is -1, which sorts the last axis.
direction The direction in which to sort the values ('ASCENDING' or 'DESCENDING').
name Optional name for the operation.

A Tensor with the same dtype and shape as values, with the elements sorted along the given axis.

ValueError If axis is not a constant scalar, or the direction is invalid.