Module: tf.compat.v1.gfile

TensorFlow 1 version

Import router for file_io.


class FastGFile: File I/O wrappers without thread locking.

class GFile: File I/O wrappers without thread locking.

class Open: File I/O wrappers without thread locking.


Copy(...): Copies data from oldpath to newpath.

DeleteRecursively(...): Deletes everything under dirname recursively.

Exists(...): Determines whether a path exists or not.

Glob(...): Returns a list of files that match the given pattern(s).

IsDirectory(...): Returns whether the path is a directory or not.

ListDirectory(...): Returns a list of entries contained within a directory.

MakeDirs(...): Creates a directory and all parent/intermediate directories.

MkDir(...): Creates a directory with the name dirname.

Remove(...): Deletes the file located at 'filename'.

Rename(...): Rename or move a file / directory.

Stat(...): Returns file statistics for a given path.

Walk(...): Recursive directory tree generator for directories.