Module: tf.distribute.cluster_resolver

TensorFlow 1 version

Library imports for ClusterResolvers.

This library contains all implementations of ClusterResolvers. ClusterResolvers are a way of specifying cluster information for distributed execution. Built on top of existing ClusterSpec framework, ClusterResolvers are a way for TensorFlow to communicate with various cluster management systems (e.g. GCE, AWS, etc...).


class ClusterResolver: Abstract class for all implementations of ClusterResolvers.

class GCEClusterResolver: ClusterResolver for Google Compute Engine.

class KubernetesClusterResolver: ClusterResolver for Kubernetes.

class SimpleClusterResolver: Simple implementation of ClusterResolver that accepts a ClusterSpec.

class SlurmClusterResolver: ClusterResolver for system with Slurm workload manager.

class TFConfigClusterResolver: Implementation of a ClusterResolver which reads the TF_CONFIG EnvVar.

class TPUClusterResolver: Cluster Resolver for Google Cloud TPUs.

class UnionResolver: Performs a union on underlying ClusterResolvers.