Module: tf.config

TensorFlow 1 version

Public API for tf.config namespace.


experimental module: Public API for tf.config.experimental namespace.

optimizer module: Public API for tf.config.optimizer namespace.

threading module: Public API for tf.config.threading namespace.


class LogicalDevice: Abstraction for a logical device initialized by the runtime.

class LogicalDeviceConfiguration: Configuration class for a logical devices.

class PhysicalDevice: Abstraction for a locally visible physical device.


experimental_connect_to_cluster(...): Connects to the given cluster.

experimental_connect_to_host(...): Connects to a single machine to enable remote execution on it.

experimental_functions_run_eagerly(...): Returns the value of the experimental_run_functions_eagerly setting.

experimental_run_functions_eagerly(...): Enables / disables eager execution of tf.functions.

get_logical_device_configuration(...): Get the virtual device configuration for a tf.config.PhysicalDevice.

get_soft_device_placement(...): Get if soft device placement is enabled.

get_visible_devices(...): Get the list of visible physical devices.

list_logical_devices(...): Return a list of logical devices created by runtime.

list_physical_devices(...): Return a list of physical devices visible to the host runtime.

set_logical_device_configuration(...): Set the logical device configuration for a tf.config.PhysicalDevice.

set_soft_device_placement(...): Set if soft device placement is enabled.

set_visible_devices(...): Set the list of visible devices.