Information on how to save this Variable as a slice.

Provides internal support for saving variables as slices of a larger variable. This API is not public and is subject to change.

Available properties:

  • full_name
  • full_shape
  • var_offset
  • var_shape

full_name Name of the full variable of which this Variable is a slice.
full_shape Shape of the full variable, as a list of int.
var_offset Offset of this Variable into the full variable, as a list of int.
var_shape Shape of this Variable, as a list of int.
save_slice_info_def SaveSliceInfoDef protocol buffer. If not None, recreates the SaveSliceInfo object its contents. save_slice_info_def and other arguments are mutually exclusive.
import_scope Optional string. Name scope to add. Only used when initializing from protocol buffer.

spec Computes the spec string used for saving.



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Returns a SaveSliceInfoDef() proto.

export_scope Optional string. Name scope to remove.

A SaveSliceInfoDef protocol buffer, or None if the Variable is not in the specified name scope.