Imports the graph from graph_def into the current default Graph. (deprecated arguments)

This function provides a way to import a serialized TensorFlow GraphDef protocol buffer, and extract individual objects in the GraphDef as tf.Tensor and tf.Operation objects. Once extracted, these objects are placed into the current default Graph. See tf.Graph.as_graph_def for a way to create a GraphDef proto.

graph_def A GraphDef proto containing operations to be imported into the default graph.
input_map A dictionary mapping input names (as strings) in graph_def to Tensor objects. The values of the named input tensors in the imported graph will be re-mapped to the respective Tensor values.
return_elements A list of strings containing operation names in graph_def that will be returned as Operation objects; and/or tensor names in graph_def that will be returned as Tensor objects.
name (Optional.) A prefix that will be prepended to the names in graph_def. Note that this does not apply to imported function names. Defaults to "import".
op_dict (Optional.) Deprecated, do not use.
producer_op_list (Optional.) An OpList proto with the (possibly stripped) list of OpDefs used by the producer of the graph. If provided, unrecognized attrs for ops in graph_def that have their default value according to producer_op_list will be removed. This will allow some more GraphDefs produced by later binaries to be accepted by earlier binaries.

A list of Operation and/or Tensor objects from the imported graph, corresponding to the names in return_elements, and None if returns_elements is None.

TypeError If graph_def is not a GraphDef proto, input_map is not a dictionary mapping strings to Tensor objects, or return_elements is not a list of strings.
ValueError If input_map, or return_elements contains names that do not appear in graph_def, or graph_def is not well-formed (e.g. it refers to an unknown tensor).