Computes inverse hyperbolic tangent of x element-wise.

Given an input tensor, this function computes inverse hyperbolic tangent for every element in the tensor. Input range is [-1,1] and output range is [-inf, inf]. If input is -1, output will be -inf and if the input is 1, output will be inf. Values outside the range will have nan as output.

  x = tf.constant([-float("inf"), -1, -0.5, 1, 0, 0.5, 10, float("inf")])
  tf.math.atanh(x) ==> [nan -inf -0.54930615 inf  0. 0.54930615 nan nan]

x A Tensor. Must be one of the following types: bfloat16, half, float32, float64, complex64, complex128.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor. Has the same type as x.