Returns shape of a list of tensors.

Given a list of tensors, tf.shape_n is much faster than applying tf.shape to each tensor individually.

>>> a = tf.ones([1, 2])
>>> b = tf.ones([2, 3])
>>> c = tf.ones([3, 4])
>>> tf.shape_n([a, b, c])
[<tf.Tensor: shape=(2,), dtype=int32, numpy=array([1, 2], dtype=int32)>,
<tf.Tensor: shape=(2,), dtype=int32, numpy=array([2, 3], dtype=int32)>,
<tf.Tensor: shape=(2,), dtype=int32, numpy=array([3, 4], dtype=int32)>]

input A list of at least 1 Tensor object with the same dtype.
out_type The specified output type of the operation (int32 or int64). Defaults to tf.int32(optional).
name A name for the operation (optional).

A list of Tensor specifying the shape of each input tensor with type of out_type.