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Be a part of our global contributor community by writing code, commenting on blogs, or attending meetups.


Join the community forum to share ideas and best practices, get help with technical questions, and discuss TensorFlow with other developers.


Explore our developer communities around the world to attend local events and collaborate on topics of interest.

RFC Process

Contribute to the development of TensorFlow through our RFC process, an open collaboration where experts can provide feedback on proposed designs/features, or request changes.


We welcome contributions and collaboration on TensorFlow. For more information and to learn best practices, please read our Contributor Guide.

Bugs and feature requests

To report bugs or make feature requests, file an issue on GitHub. Please choose the appropriate repository for the project.

Stay informed

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Security advisories

Before using TensorFlow, please take a look at our security model, lists of recent security advisories and announcements, and ways you can report security issues to us on Github.

The TensorFlow Blog contains regular postings from the TensorFlow team, as well as articles from the community.


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