Module: tfa.metrics

Additional metrics that conform to Keras API.


class CohenKappa: Computes Kappa score between two raters.

class F1Score: Computes F-1 Score.

class FBetaScore: Computes F-Beta score.

class GeometricMean: Compute Geometric Mean

class HammingLoss: Computes hamming loss.

class HarmonicMean: Compute Harmonic Mean The harmonic mean is a kind of mean.

class KendallsTauB: Computes Kendall's Tau-b Rank Correlation Coefficient.

class KendallsTauC: Computes Kendall's Tau-c Rank Correlation Coefficient.

class MatthewsCorrelationCoefficient: Computes the Matthews Correlation Coefficient.

class MeanMetricWrapper: Wraps a stateless metric function with the Mean metric.

class MultiLabelConfusionMatrix: Computes Multi-label confusion matrix.

class PearsonsCorrelation: Computes Pearsons's Correlation Coefficient.

class RSquare: Compute R^2 score.

class SpearmansRank: Computes Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient.


hamming_distance(...): Computes hamming distance.

hamming_loss_fn(...): Computes hamming loss.