April 2023

TensorFlow Newsletter April 2023

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Learn the latest in machine learning, including how to build generative AI applications with the latest large language models, and more at Google I/O. Explore the program and register now.
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Reduce unintended bias with Counterfactual Logit Pairing
Improve model fairness with a new technique from the TensorFlow Model Remediation library. Counterfactual Logit Pairing ensures that a model’s prediction doesn’t change when a sensitive attribute referenced in an example is removed or replaced.
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How Adobe is enhancing Photoshop Web with TensorFlow.js
Read how Adobe uses web-based machine learning in JavaScript to enable advanced tasks like Object Selection in Photoshop Web and improves model performance by up to 200% with TensorFlow.js backend support.
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Explore MATLAB interoperability features
Learn how you integrate TensorFlow with MATLAB by converting deep learning models or running Python and MATLAB code together.
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How Vodafone uses TFDV to advance data governance at scale
Read how Vodafone industrializes their ML workflow using TensorFlow Data Validation to detect anomalies in their pipelines and ensure compliance with data contracts.
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Discover OpenXLA, an open source ML compiler ecosystem
OpenXLA enables developers to compile and optimize models for efficient training and serving on a wide variety of hardware. Explore its performance, scale, and portability benefits.
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Using TensorFlow for deep learning on video data
Learn how to process video or 3D data in a memory-efficient way from TensorFlow tutorials. Get started with the overview below, or watch tech talks showing how to load video data and create a video classification model .
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Listen to the People of AI podcast
Tune into People of AI, a new podcast showcasing inspiring people with interesting stories in the world of AI and ML.
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