October 2023

TensorFlow Newsletter October 2023

How Spotify uses TensorFlow, plus privacy-preserving tools and techniques and upcoming developer events.

How Spotify uses TensorFlow Agents to build music playlist recommenders
Learn how Spotify created a reinforcement learning environment simulating user listening sessions to train and evaluate Agents.
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An introduction to decision trees
Discover the benefits of using decision tree algorithms for tabular data, such as fast model training and easier model interpretability than neural networks.
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Perform computations on encrypted data with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)
Compile models using the experimental TF2FHE Transpiler, which enables inference on encrypted data without accessing sensitive information.
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On-device content distillation with graph neural networks (GNNs)
Explore how GNNs are used to improve content parsing for Reading mode in Chrome and Android and deployed on-device with TensorFlow Lite to ensure data privacy.
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Building a cross-platform board game with the TFLite plugin for Flutter
Learn how to easily deploy a TFLite model to Android and iOS using Flutter in this example featuring a board game app.
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Learn the latest at DevFest 2023
Explore developer tools, learn from Google experts, and connect with other developers from your local community.
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