September 2023

TensorFlow Newsletter September 2023

Check out examples from the community, explore the TF 2.14 release, and more.

Create ML pipelines with Visual Blocks
Accelerate the ML product cycle using this no-code visual editor to go from idea to production faster. Get inspired with examples from the community.
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Explore the TensorFlow 2.14 release
The release introduces improvements on GPU for large tensors, removes support for Python 3.8 (use the 2.13.1 patch release), and more.
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Preprocessing of temporal data made easier
Learn how to use Temporian, a new open-source Python library, to load and process temporal data and train a forecasting model with TensorFlow Decision Forests .
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Computational fluid dynamics framework for turbulent flow research
Learn about direct numerical simulation and how TensorFlow and TPU hardware acceleration enable high-performance, large-scale simulations of turbulent flows.
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Create slow-motion video effects using frame interpolation
Use the FILM model in TensorFlow Hub to create video effects by generating in-between images from a provided set of images.
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Explorable: Do Machine Learning Models Memorize or Generalize?
Learn about the growing field of mechanistic interpretability and how generalization may be observed in more complex models.
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