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Responsible AI with TensorFlow tutorials

TensorFlow provides a variety of tools that you can apply in your workflow to develop machine learning models more responsibly. Review tutorials here to get started with tools for model fairness evaluation and remediation.

Fairness Evaluation

An introduction to Fairness Indicators running in a Google Colab notebook. Click the Run in Google Colab button to try it yourself.
Apply Fairness Indicators to evaluate commonly used fairness metrics in TF Hub Text Embedding models using the Civil Comments Dataset.
Apply Fairness Indicators to examine fairness concerns in the COMPAS Dataset.

Remediation and Privacy

Try MinDiff, a model remediation technique that can improve model performance across commonly used fairness metrics.
Use the Model Card Toolkit with TFX to generate Model Cards.
Assess your model's privacy using the TF Privacy Report.

Videos and blog

Learn more about Responsible AI with TensorFlow on the TensorFlow blog and on YouTube!