Transform to be applied to "Conv2D" + "Reshape" + "BatchNorm" + "ReLU" Graph.

Inherits From: Conv2DBatchNormReLUQuantize, Conv2DBatchNormQuantize, Transform

This transform disables Quantization between Conv, Reshape, BatchNorm and ReLU to ensure FQ does not get placed between them.



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Dictionary of custom objects introduced by the replacement function.

A Transform may introduce custom Classes and types unknown to Keras. This function should return a dictionary containing these objects in case such types are introduced. It allows model construction to serialize/deserialize these objects.

Custom objects introduced by the transform as a dictionary.


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Return the LayerPattern to find in the model graph.


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Generate a replacement sub-graph for the matched sub-graph.

The fundamental constraint of the replacement is that the replacement sub-graph should consume the same input tensors as the original sub-graph and also produce a final list of tensors which are same in number and shape as the original sub-graph. Not following this could crash model creation, or introduce bugs in the new model graph.

sub-graph, and output layers feeding from the tip of the tree as parameters. These would be needed for complex replace cases.

match_layer Matched sub-graph based on self.pattern().