Abstract Base Class for making your own keras layer clusterable.

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Your layer could be derived from a keras built-in layer or it could be a keras custom layer.

The function get_clusterable_weights should be provided in both cases.

The function get_clusterable_algorithm is provided, when weights for clustering is added in the keras layer.



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Returns class with the clustering algorithm for the given weight_name.

This function needs to be implemented for the customerable layers. If the layer is derived from the built-in keras layer, the clustering algorithm for the base built-in keras layer is used.

The returned class should be derived from ClusteringAlgorithm and implements the function get_pulling_indices. This function is used to provide a special lookup function for the custom weights. It reshapes and tile centroids the same way as the weights. This allows us to find pulling indices efficiently.

weight_name [string]

The name of the weight variable.


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Returns list of clusterable weight tensors.

All the weight tensors which the layer wants to be clustered during training must be returned by this method.

Returns: List of weight tensors/kernels in the keras layer which must be clustered during training. Each element in the list is a (name, kernel) 2-tuple that consists of the name of the clusterable kernel and the kernel object itself.