Converts an Yggdrasil model into a TensorFlow SavedModel / Keras model.

src_path Path to input Yggdrasil Decision Forests model. The model can be a directory or a zipped file.
dst_path Path to output TensorFlow Decision Forests SavedModel model.
input_model_signature_fn A lambda that returns the (Dense,Sparse,Ragged)TensorSpec (or structure of TensorSpec e.g. dictionary, list) corresponding to input signature of the model. If not specified, the input model signature is created by "build_default_input_model_signature". For example, specify "input_model_signature_fn" if an numerical input feature (which is consumed as DenseTensorSpec(float32) by default) will be feed differently (e.g. RaggedTensor(int64)).
file_prefix Prefix of the model files. Auto-detected if None.
verbose Verbosity mode. 0 = silent, 1 = small details, 2 = full details.
disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction Force the disabling of the integer offset correction. See disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction in AdvancedArguments for more details.
name Optional name of the resulting model.