Module: tfdf.keras.wrappers

Wrapper around each learning algorithm.

This file is generated automatically by running the following commands: bazel build -c opt //tensorflow_decision_forests/keras:wrappers bazel-bin/tensorflow_decision_forests/keras/wrappers_wrapper_main
> tensorflow_decision_forests/keras/

Please don't change this file directly. Instead, changes the source. The documentation source is contained in the "GetGenericHyperParameterSpecification" method of each learner e.g. GetGenericHyperParameterSpecification in learner/gradient_boosted_trees/ contains the documentation (and meta-data) used to generate this file.


class AdvancedArguments: Advanced control of the model that most users won't need to use.

class CartModel: Cart learning algorithm.

class DistributedGradientBoostedTreesModel: Distributed Gradient Boosted Trees learning algorithm.

class GradientBoostedTreesModel: Gradient Boosted Trees learning algorithm.

class HyperparameterOptimizerModel: Hyperparameter Optimizer learning algorithm.

class MultiTaskItem: A single task in a multi-task configuration.

class MultitaskerModel: Multitasker learning algorithm.

class RandomForestModel: Random Forest learning algorithm.

TaskType 'abstract_model_pb2.Task'