Produces a privacy report summarizing the DP guarantee.

number_of_examples Total number of examples in the dataset. For DP-SGD, an "example" corresponds to one row in a minibatch. E.g., for sequence models this would be a sequence of maximum length.
batch_size The number of examples in a batch. This should be the number of examples in a batch, regardless of whether/how they are grouped into microbatches.
num_epochs The number of epochs of training. May be fractional.
noise_multiplier The ratio of the Gaussian noise stddev to the l2 clip norm at each round. It is assumed that the noise_multiplier is constant although the clip norm may be variable if, for example, adaptive clipping is used.
delta The target delta.
used_microbatching Whether microbatching was used (with microbatch size greater than one). Microbatching inflates sensitivity by a factor of two in add-or-remove-one adjacency DP. (See "How to DP-fy ML: A Practical Guide to Machine Learning with Differential Privacy",, Sec 5.6.)
max_examples_per_user If the data set is constructed to cap the maximum number of examples each user contributes, provide this argument to also print a user-level DP guarantee.
accountant_type The privacy accountant for computing epsilon. Since the current approach for computing user-level privacy when using PLD accountant can sometimes be overly pessimistic, this method does not provide user-level privacy guarantee for PLD accountant_type. This remains to be investigated and fixed (b/271341062).

A str precisely articulating the privacy guarantee.