Marks a value with a name and a tag.

value A JAX value to be tagged and named.
tag a string representing the tag of the sown value.
name a string representing the name to sow the value with.
mode The mode by which to sow the value. There are three options: 1. 'strict' - if another value is sown with the same name and tag in the same context, harvest will throw an error. 2. 'clobber' - if another is value is sown with the same name and tag, it will replace this value 3. 'append' - sown values of the same name and tag are appended to a growing list. Append mode assumes some ordering on the values being sown defined by data-dependence.
key an optional JAX value that will be tied into the sown value.

The original value that was passed in, or a planted value.