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Module: oryx.experimental.optimizers.optix

Reimplementation of a subset of the optax library using Oryx's state system.

This module is an advanced example of how to write stateful code using Oryx. For a more complete and supported optimizers package that includes additional transformations and other features, please take a look at Optax.



add_noise(...): Returns a function that adds noise to updates.

apply_every(...): Returns a function that accumulates updates and applies them all at once.

chain(...): Composes update functions together serially.


clip_by_global_norm(...): Returns a function that clips updates to a provided max norm.




optimize(...): Runs several iterations of optimization and returns the result.



scale_by_adam(...): Scales updates according to Adam update rules.

scale_by_rms(...): Returns a function that scales updates by the RMS of the updates.

scale_by_schedule(...): Returns a function that scales updates according to an input schedule.

scale_by_stddev(...): Returns a function that scales updates by their standard deviation.


trace(...): Returns a function that combines updates with a running state.