Module: tfg.rendering.texture.mipmap

This module implements mip-mapping.

Mip-mapping is texture mapping with a multi resolution texture. The original texture is downsampled at multiple resolutions. These downsampled images are blended at each pixel to reduce aliasing artifacts. You may find more information on mipmapping on

In practice, you may use mip-mapping the same way as you use standard texture mapping. You will see reduced aliasing artifacts when there are edges or other high frequency details.

Texture mapping is the process of fetching values (e.g. colors) from an image or tensor based on the (u, v) coordinates at each pixel (please see for more information on texturing). You can find how the uv-coordinates map to textures exactly in the documentation of the ops.


map_texture(...): Maps the texture texture_image using uv_map with mip-mapping.