Constructs tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm for a computation.

comp An instance of tff.framework.ConcreteComputation that is compatible with MapReduce form. The computation must take exactly two arguments, and the first must be a state value placed at SERVER. The computation must return exactly two values. The type of the first element in the result must also be assignable to the first element of the parameter.
grappler_config An optional instance of tf.compat.v1.ConfigProto to configure Grappler graph optimization of the TensorFlow graphs backing the resulting tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm. These options are combined with a set of defaults that aggressively configure Grappler. If the input grappler_config has graph_options.rewrite_options.disable_meta_optimizer=True, Grappler is bypassed.
tff_internal_preprocessing An optional function to transform the AST of the iterative process.

An instance of tff.backends.mapreduce.MapReduceForm equivalent to the provided tff.framework.ConcreteComputation.

TypeError If the arguments are of the wrong types.
compiler.MapReduceFormCompilationError If the compilation process fails.