A tff.program.ReleaseManager that releases values after specified delay.

Inherits From: ReleaseManager

A tff.program.DelayedReleaseManager is a utility for releasing values in a federated program, where releases only take place after a specified delay count. I.e., releases from platform storage to customer storage will take place only after a certain number of instances that the .release() method is called. After this delay, further calls to .release() will release values (in accordance with the release_manager that was provided).

For example, in a federated program that runs for a long time, one may want to skip releasing values until the program has run for a sufficiently long-enough period.

The delay count is specified at construction time by setting the delay argument (an integer). A delay of 3 means that all values will start to be released once release has been invoked at least three times.

release_manager A tff.program.ReleaseManager used to release values to.
delay The delay duration before releasing values. Must be a positive integer.

ValueError If delay is not positive.



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Releases value from a federated program.

value A tff.program.ReleasableStructure to release.
key A value used to reference the released value.