The remote executor is a local proxy for a remote executor instance.

Inherits From: Executor

channel An instance of grpc.Channel to use for communication with the remote executor service.
rpc_mode Optional mode of calling the remote executor. Must be either 'REQUEST_REPLY' or 'STREAMING' (defaults to 'REQUEST_REPLY'). This option will be removed after the request-reply interface is deprecated.
thread_pool_executor Optional concurrent.futures.Executor used to wait for the reply to a streaming RPC message. Uses the default Executor if not specified.
dispose_batch_size The batch size for requests to dispose of remote worker values. Lower values will result in more requests to the remote worker, but will result in values being cleaned up sooner and therefore may result in lower memory usage on the remote worker.



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Release resources associated with this Executor, if any.

If the executor has one or more target Executors, implementation of this method must close them.


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