A tff.program.ReleaseManager that releases values to a file system.

Inherits From: ReleaseManager

A tff.program.SavedModelFileReleaseManager is a utility for releasing values from a federated program to a file system and is used to release values from platform storage to customer storage in a federated program.

Values are released to the file system using the SavedModel (see tf.saved_model) format. When the value is released, each tff.program.MaterializableValueReference is materialized. The structure of the value is discarded.

See for more information about the SavedModel format.

root_dir A path on the file system to save program state. If this path does not exist it will be created.
prefix A string to use as the prefix for filenames.

ValueError If root_dir is an empty string.



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Returns the value for the given key.

key Used to reference the released value.
structure The structure of the saved program state for the given key used to support serialization and deserialization of user-defined classes in the structure.

A retrieved value matching structure.

ReleasedValueNotFoundError If there is no released value for the given key.


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Releases value from a federated program.

value A tff.program.ReleasableStructure to release.
key Used to reference (in the file system) the released value.