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Module: tff.aggregators

Libraries for constructing federated aggregation.


class DifferentiallyPrivateFactory: UnweightedAggregationFactory for tensorflow_privacy DPQueries.

class EncodedSumFactory: UnweightedAggregationFactory for encoded sum.

class MeanFactory: Aggregation factory for weighted mean.

class PrivateQuantileEstimationProcess: A tff.templates.EstimationProcess for estimating private quantiles.

class SecureSumFactory: AggregationProcess factory for securely summing values.

class SumFactory: UnweightedAggregationFactory for sum.

class UnweightedAggregationFactory: Factory for creating tff.templates.AggregationProcess without weights.

class UnweightedMeanFactory: Aggregation factory for unweighted mean.

class WeightedAggregationFactory: Factory for creating tff.templates.AggregationProcess with weights.


clipping_factory(...): Creates an aggregation factory to perform L2 clipping.

zeroing_factory(...): Creates an aggregation factory to perform zeroing.