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A tff.program.ProgramStateManager that is backed by a file system.

Inherits From: ProgramStateManager

A tff.program.FileProgramStateManager is a utility for saving and loading program state to a file system in a federated program and is used to implement fault tolerance. In particular, it is intended to only restart the same simulation and run with the same version of TensorFlow Federated.

root_dir A path on the file system to save program state. If this path does not exist it will be created.
prefix A string to use as the prefix for filenames.
keep_total An integer representing the total number of program states to keep. If the value is zero or smaller, all program states will be kept.
keep_first A boolean indicating if the first program state should be kept, irrespective of whether it is the oldest program state or not. This is desirable in settings where you would like to ensure full reproducibility of the simulation, especially in settings where model weights or optimizer states are initialized randomly. By loading from the initial program state, one can avoid re-initializing and obtaining different results.

ValueError If root_dir is an empty string.



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Returns the program state for the given version.

version A integer representing the version of a saved program state.

ProgramStateManagerStateNotFoundError If there is no program state for the given version.
FileProgramStateManagerStructureError If structure has not been set.


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Returns the latest saved program state and version or (None, 0).

A tuple of the latest saved (program state, version) or (None, 0) if there is no latest saved program state.


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Saves program_state for the given version.

program_state The program state to save.
version A strictly increasing integer representing the version of a saved program_state.

ProgramStateManagerStateAlreadyExistsError If there is already program state for the given version.


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Configures a structure to use when loading program state.

The structure must be set before calling load.

structure A nested structure which tf.convert_to_tensor supports to use as a template when calling load.


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Returns a list of saved versions or None.

A list of saved versions or None if there is no saved program state.