Builds finalizer that applies a step of an optimizer.

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The provided model_weights_type must be a non-federated tff.Type with the tff.learning.models.ModelWeights container.

The 2nd input argument of the created expects a value matching model_weights_type and its 3rd argument expects value matching model_weights_type.trainable. The optimizer will be applied to the trainable model weights only, leaving non_trainable weights unmodified.

The state of the process is the state of the optimizer and the process returns empty measurements.

optimizer_fn A tff.learning.optimizers.Optimizer or a no-arg function that returns a tf.keras.optimizers.Optimizer. This optimizer is used to apply client updates to the server model.
model_weights_type A non-federated tff.Type of the model weights to be optimized, which must have a tff.learning.models.ModelWeights container.
should_reject_update A callable that takes the optimizer state and the model weights update, and returns a boolean or a bool tensor indicating if the model weights update should be rejected and an OrderedDict of measurements. If the model weights update is reject, we will fall back to the previous round's optimizer state and model weight, this is a no-op otherwise. The default function is reject_non_finite_update which checks if there is any non-finite value in the model update and returns the results.

A FinalizerProcess that applies the optimizer.

TypeError If value_type does not have a tff.learning.model.sModelWeights Python container, or contains a tff.types.FederatedType.