Load a ClientData arises by parsing a serialized SqlClientData.

database_filepath A str filepath of the SQL database. This function will first fetch the SQL database to a local temporary directory if database_filepath is a remote directory.
element_spec The element_spec of the local dataset. This is used to parse the serialized tff.simulation.datasets.SqlClientData. The element_spec must be of type Mapping[str, TensorSpec].
split_name An optional str identifier for the split of the database to use. This filters clients and examples based on the split_name column. A value of None means no filtering, selecting all examples.

A tff.simulation.datasets.ClientData instance arised from parsing a tff.simulation.datasets.SqlClientData.

FileNotFoundError if database_filepath does not exist.
ElementSpecCompatibilityError if the element_spec of datasets are not of type Mapping[str, TensorSpec].