A tff.program.ReleaseManager that releases values to TensorBoard.

Inherits From: ReleaseManager

A tff.program.TensorBoardReleaseManager is a utility for releasing values from a federated program to TensorBoard and is used to release values from platform storage to customer storage in a federated program.

Values are released as summary data using tf.summary. When the value is released, if the value is a value reference or a structure containing value references, each value reference is materialized. The value is then flattened and released as summary data. The structure of the value is used as the name of the summary data. Scalar values are released using tf.summary.scalar and non-scalar values are released using tf.summary.histogram.

See for more information about summary data and how to visualize summary data using TensorBoard.

summary_dir A path on the file system to save release values. If this path does not exist it will be created.

ValueError If summary_dir is an empty string.



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Releases value from a federated program.

value A tff.program.ReleasableStructure to release.
key A integer used to reference the released value; key represents a step in a federated program.