Represent data-yielding computations with unspecified cardinalities.

Inherits From: Ingestable, TypedObject

Instances of this class are objects that may combine a federated computation that returns federated data and an argument to be supplied as input to this computation, or alternatively the argument alone. These objects are designed to be recognized by the runtime. When ingesting those objects (e.g., as they are passed as arguments to a computation invocation), the runtime ingests the argument, and (if provided) invokes the computation contained in this descriptor on this argument to cause the data to materialize within the runtime (but without marshaling it out and returning it to user).

In the typical usage of this helper class, the embedded argument is a set of handles, and the embedded computation transforms those handles into physical instances. This transformation occurs on the clients (i.e., in the TFF runtime worker processes).

Alternatively, the argument itself may consist of computations to be locally executed on the clients. In this case, the computation can be omitted.

comp The computation that materializes the data, of some type (T -> U) where T is the type of the argument arg and U is the type of the materialized data that's being produced. This can be None, in which case it's assumed to be an identity function (and T in that case must be identical to U).
arg The argument to be passed as input to comp if comp is not None, or to be treated as the computed result. Must be recognized by the TFF runtime as a payload of type T.
arg_type The type of the argument (T references above). An instance of tff.Type.

ValueError if the arguments don't satisfy the constraints listed above.

type_signature Returns the TFF type of this object (an instance of tff.Type).



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Causes this object to ingest itself into the given executor.

executor An instance of executor_base.Executor to ingest into.

An instance of executor_value_base.ExecutorValue returned by the executor.