A representation of data (an input pipeline).

Inherits From: ComputationBuildingBlock, TypedObject

This class does not deal with parsing data protos and verifying correctness, it is only a container. Parsing and type analysis are a responsibility or a component external to this module.

content The proto that characterizes the data.
type_spec Either the types.Type that represents the type of this data, or something convertible to it by types.to_type().

TypeError if the arguments are of the wrong types.
ValueError if the user tries to specify an empty URI.


proto Returns a serialized form of this object as a pb.Computation instance.
type_signature Returns the TFF type of this object (an instance of tff.Type).



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Returns an iterator yielding immediate child building blocks.


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Returns the compact string representation of this building block.


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Returns the formatted string representation of this building block.


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Returns an instance of a derived class based on 'computation_proto'.

computation_proto An instance of pb.Computation.

An instance of a class that implements 'ComputationBuildingBlock' and that contains the deserialized logic from in 'computation_proto'.

NotImplementedError if computation_proto contains a kind of computation for which deserialization has not been implemented yet.
ValueError if deserialization failed due to the argument being invalid.


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Returns the structural string representation of this building block.


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Return self==value.