A reference to a name defined earlier in TFF's internal language.

Inherits From: ComputationBuildingBlock, TypedObject

Names are defined by lambda expressions (which have formal named parameters), and block structures (which can have one or more locals). The reference construct is used to refer to those parameters or locals by a string name. The usual hiding rules apply. A reference binds to the closest definition of the given name in the most deeply nested surrounding lambda or block.

A concise notation for a reference to name foo is foo. For example, in a lambda expression (x -> f(x)) there are two references, one to x that is defined as the formal parameter of the lambda epxression, and one to f that must have been defined somewhere in the surrounding context.

name The name of the referenced entity.
type_spec The type spec of the referenced entity.
context The optional context in which the referenced entity is defined. This class does not prescribe what Python type the 'context' needs to be and merely exposes it as a property (see below). The only requirement is that the context implements str() and repr().

TypeError if the arguments are of the wrong types.



proto Returns a serialized form of this object as a pb.Computation instance.
type_signature Returns the TFF type of this object (an instance of tff.Type).



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Returns an iterator yielding immediate child building blocks.


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Returns the compact string representation of this building block.


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Returns the formatted string representation of this building block.


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Returns an instance of a derived class based on 'computation_proto'.

computation_proto An instance of pb.Computation.

An instance of a class that implements 'ComputationBuildingBlock' and that contains the deserialized logic from in 'computation_proto'.

NotImplementedError if computation_proto contains a kind of computation for which deserialization has not been implemented yet.
ValueError if deserialization failed due to the argument being invalid.


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Returns the structural string representation of this building block.


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Return self==value.