• Description:

DART (DAta Record to Text generation) contains RDF entity-relation annotated with sentence descriptions that cover all facts in the triple set. DART was constructed using existing datasets such as: WikiTableQuestions, WikiSQL, WebNLG and Cleaned E2E. The tables from WikiTableQuestions and WikiSQL were transformed to subject-predicate-object triples, and its text annotations were mainly collected from MTurk. The meaningful representations in E2E were also transformed to triples and its descriptions were used, some that couldn't be transformed were dropped.

The dataset splits of E2E and WebNLG are kept, and for the WikiTableQuestions and WikiSQL the Jaccard similarity is used to keep similar tables in the same set (train/dev/tes).

This dataset is constructed following a standarized table format.

Split Examples
'test' 12,552
'train' 62,659
'validation' 6,980
  • Feature structure:
    'input_text': FeaturesDict({
        'table': Sequence({
            'column_header': string,
            'content': string,
            'row_number': int16,
    'target_text': string,
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
input_text FeaturesDict
input_text/table Sequence
input_text/table/column_header Tensor string
input_text/table/content Tensor string
input_text/table/row_number Tensor int16
target_text Tensor string
  • Citation:
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